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Wondering what to do this weekend? A few tips on what to look for in a manatee tour.

Take a Manatee Tour in Naples, Florida

A trip to Naples,

Florida — or the surrounding area — isn’t complete unless you take a manatee tour. These marine mammals, also known as sea cows, are generally found in shallow, slow-moving bodies of water such as rivers, saltwater bays, canals, estuaries, and coastal areas. No matter when you’re visiting Naples, a manatee boat tour is the best way to get a closer look at these gentle giants. With an average length of 12 feet and an average weight between 800 and 1,200 pounds, you’ll be mesmerized from the moment you lay eyes on one of these aquatic mammals. What to Look For in a Manatee Tour A quick online search will t

urn up a handful of manatee tour operators, all of which provide a unique experience to their customers. Take these details into consideration when comparing your options:

  • Location: The Florida Everglades is the most common location for manatee tours, but other options may be available.

  • Time: Manatee tours generally take place during four time slots. Morning, mid-day, afternoon, and sunset.

  • Length of tour: Most operators have several options regarding the length of the tour. For example, 1.5 hours and 3 hours.

  • Cost: You’ll find that most manatee tours are priced in the same general range, but double-check on this upfront to ensure that you find something within your budget.

There are two additional questions you need to ask:

  1. What type of boat do you use? From pontoon-style boats to air-boats, options vary from one operator to the next. Many boats are fully covered for sun protection, which makes it easier to enjoy your tour during the hot summer days.

  2. How many passengers can the boat accommodate? Most manatee sightseeing tour boats can accommodate up to six or eight adults.

There’s no shortage of ways to spend your time in and around Naples, FL, but make sure you leave room in your schedule for a manatee boat tour. You won’t be disappointed with the experience!

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