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Marco Island has everything to offer when it comes to fun in the sun! - Marco Island, which is the biggest island in the beautiful chain of south Florida islands known as the 10 Thousand Islands, offers a diverse range of activities. Although it is only about 15 miles from Naples and connected by two bridges to the mainland, it maintains its remote solitude.


A variety of interesting outdoor activities are available on the island. Beach going possibilities are numerous, and they include not one but two public beaches as well as a number of overseas islands beaches. Marco Island is an exotic retreat bordered by a variety of tiny islands and island chains located just south of Naples on Florida's Heaven Shore.


There are a lot of things to do in Marco Island, a charming place with plenty of natural beauty and opportunities to discover.



Marco Island Boat Tours is an educational tour operator working in Florida's 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Everglades National Park and the surrounding protected areas. All guides are formally trained Florida Master Naturalists, Environmental Educators and Full-Time Outdoor Leaders.

The company supplies a number of trip alternatives, among their most prominent being the 10,000 Islands Family Dolphin, Fishing & Shelling Trip. The first part is a naturalist-led boat tour where you will encounter and learn about the area's wildlife like dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and native birds like ospreys, herons, egrets and the beautiful Roseate Spoonbill. The second part of your experience starts on an uninhabited, remote barrier island beach. Once on the island, you and the family can collect the many varieties of seashells, walk or swim in the beautiful turquoise waters or just relax on a beach.

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Keegan Island is an offshore island located off the coast of Naples. It houses a variety of wild animals including pigs, white-tailed deer, bobcat, iguanas, and gopher turtles. The island is also a loggerhead turtle nesting ground.

The island is untouched by automobiles, roads, or cars and trucks, and it has only dirt paths that lead from personal anchors to houses. Site visitors may see a lovely natural environment since the all-natural beauty has been mostly preserved.

The beach is a popular site for barbecuing, with a local hamburger barge selling burgers and cold drinks on the sand. Site visitors should rent a watercraft, take part in a trip, or travel with an individual who has a watercraft in order to get to the island.


South Marco Beach is great for families because it has restrooms, showers and changing rooms. And of course, there are beach chairs for you to sit on while enjoying the view!

The best part is that this beach has calm waters, which makes it perfect for small children to play in or learn how to swim. You can also go kayaking or paddleboarding.

South Marco Beach is also called Lovers Key for its romantic views and it's definitely one of our favorites!​



Low tide is the best time to visit the beach at Tigertail Shoreline Park for those who want to see a variety of natural Florida wildlife. After walking or driving to the parking lot, visitors can take a short hike on a path that leads to a good-sized beach with moderately clear water.

On the beach are a small area of mangrove trees and other forms of plant life in addition to some coconuts, driftwood and rocks. Some people may be able to find crabs, sea urchins and other small creatures and plants in this part of the park.

On top of these larger parts of the natural environment, visitors may be able to find snakes – either water snakes or banded sea snakes – along the edge of the shoreline or basking on logs and rocks. Both types are venomous, but they pose little threat to humans.


The Marco Island Historical Museum and Library is one of three cultural facilities held in trust by the City of Marco Island. The Museum is located at 851 South Collier Boulevard on the island's inland side, west of Pine Ridge Road, and contains exhibits related to island history.

There are five exhibit areas; four permanent exhibits, plus an events room that can be rented for special occasions (including weddings). The museum has an extensive archival collection of historical records, including pictures, maps, and memorabilia.

The Marco Island Historical Museum is currently open for browsing during City of Marco Island business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 - 5:00) or by appointment. Admission to the museum is free.



Cape Romano is a collection of odd, out-of-space-looking buildings in the sea. In 1980, an oil executive built the structures as a seaside villa. For many years, the home has been subjected to numerous tornadoes, including Typhoon Wilma, which destroyed portions of the coastline.​

They're now completely uninhabited and only reachable by boat. Residents and site visitors alike fish from the oddly constructed domes. It's most likely that the structures will ultimately succumb to the rising sea, but they are an interesting sight while they last.

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